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In the ever-evolving landscape of Pakistan’s motorcycle market, Honda CD 70 continues to maintain its stronghold as the preferred choice for commuters. Despite facing stiff competition from Chinese manufacturers, the Honda CD 70 stands tall, revered for its durability, fuel efficiency, and timeless design. Assembled by Atlas Honda Limited, this iconic two-wheeler has been a favorite among Pakistani riders for decades, offering affordability, readily available parts, and a trusted brand identity.

However, with the significant depreciation of the local currency, the price of the Honda CD 70 has surged. As a result, many Pakistanis are now seeking convenient installment plans to either acquire a new bike or upgrade their existing rides.

Atlas Honda Limited (AHL), the manufacturer of these immensely popular bikes, has recently introduced a game-changing installment plan, offering zero percent markup on their bikes, including the beloved Honda CD 70. This move has garnered widespread attention and excitement among motorcycle enthusiasts across Pakistan.

One of the key partners in this zero markup installment plan is UBL Bank, which is making it easier than ever for individuals to own a Honda CD 70 without incurring any additional costs.

Latest Price Update:

As of mid-September, the 2024 model of the Honda CD 70 is priced at Rs. 157,900.

Installment Plans for 2023:

For those interested in the zero markup installment plan, here are the details for the Honda CD 70:

  • 3 Months Plan: Monthly Installment of Rs. 53,950

This initiative by Atlas Honda Limited and UBL Bank opens up new avenues for Pakistani riders, allowing them to fulfill their dreams of owning a Honda CD 70 without the burden of high interest rates. With this offer, Honda CD 70 remains not only a symbol of reliability and fuel efficiency but also a symbol of accessibility and affordability.

As the motorcycle industry in Pakistan continues to evolve, this zero markup installment plan is a testament to Honda’s commitment to its customers and their passion for riding. It ensures that the legendary Honda CD 70 remains within reach for all, ensuring that more Pakistanis can experience the joy of riding this iconic bike.

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